Fast Facts: NYC Subway System

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Here are some facts about New York's subway system:

MTA New York City Transit

The subway serves: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and - through MTA Staten Island Railway - (SIR) Staten Island.

2004 operating budget $5.26 billion

Average weekday passengers: 7,043,240

Subway lines: 27

Click here for a map of the entire NYC Subway system.

Subway cars: 6,210

Subway stations: 490

Miles of Track: 660

The NYC Subway opened in 1904.

Source: MTA NYC Transit

Ridership is the number of passengers for whom the agency receives a fare, either through direct fare payment (e.g., cash, Pay-Per-Ride MetroCards, Unlimited Ride MetroCards, etc.) or fare reimbursements (senior citizens, school children, the physically disabled). Passengers that use free transfers (either train-to-bus, bus-to-train or bus-to-bus) are counted as additional passengers even though they are not paying additional fares.