'Fart Spray' Attack on Cleveland Restaurant Causes Stinky Situation

Whoever smelt it, dealt it was not the case after a “fart spray” attack at a local Cleveland, Ohio, restaurant. No one was laughing at the attackers’ toilet humor after the stink bomb sent three employees to the hospital, caused $1,000 in food damage, and could result in felony charges for the two men who “bombed” the eatery.

My FOXCleveland.com reports that according to local police, the two pranksters pulled up to the drive-thru window at the Rally's on Snow Road in Cleveland and sprayed a bottle of the stinky stuff.

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The restaurant manager did not know what the substance was, and threw away more than $1,000 of food as a precaution. Three of his employees wound up going to the Southwest Medical Center to be checked out.

Steve Presser, owner of Big Fun, a Cleveland shop that sells the spray, told MyFoxClevelend.com the smell of the spray is very offensive.

"You have to be careful. You have to know where you are doing it and who you are doing it to," Presser told MyFOXCleveland.com. "I presume the workers were not laughing, and unfortunately for them, they were at the other end of the prank. I feel sorry for them because this is an overwhelming smell."