Family: Toothpaste May Have Killed Highly Allergic Girl

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The family of highly allergic teenager says the 19-year-old may have died after suffering an extreme allergic reaction to toothpaste, the Daily Mail reported.

In the days before her death, Francesca Sanna complained her gums were sore, family members said.

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She collapsed and died from anaphylactic shock minutes after brushing her teeth while preparing for a night out with friends, an inquest into her death was told.

Sanna, of Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire in the U.K., suffered from asthma and severe allergies her whole life.

Her parents believed a tube of newly repackaged Aquafresh toothpaste may have caused the fatal allergic reaction, but the inquest was inconclusive.

Dr Richard Prescott, a pathologist, didn't rule out the possibility that toothpaste was the culprit. "Both lungs were inflamed and the bronchials were plugged with mucus, but she did not die from an asthma attack, he told the Daily Mail. "It could have been a number of different things. People have suffered severe reactions in the past from toothpaste, mouthwash or even tampons."