Family Sues School for $207 Million Saying Counselors Killed Teen

A Maryland teen died after a confrontation with counselors at a school for juvenile offenders, and now his family is suing for $207 million.

Attorney Steven Heisler said the federal suit filed Thursday seeks $1 million for every minute 17-year-old Isaiah Simmons III was restrained, causing his “slow, agonizing and excruciating death," the Baltimore Sun reported.

According to the paper, Simmons lost consciousness while counselors at Bowling Brook Preparatory School pinned him face-down to the ground for about three hours in January 2007.

Heisler blames the incident on Bowling Brook’s deviation from “accepted practices and protocols for similar situations," adding, “this incident simply should have never happened, and should never happen again," the Sun reported.

The family is suing the school, the Department of Juvenile Services, and seven counselors for negligence and wrongful death. Six of the counselors may also face one count of reckless endangerment for allegedly waiting 41 minutes to call 911 while Simmons was unresponsive, according to the paper.

An FBI investigation into possible civil rights violations and criminal charges is continuing.

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