An Ohio man is due in court Friday to face DUI charges for the third time after serving 10 years in prison and losing his license for life in the 1994 death of a police officer, Fox 8 reported.

Police say they received a call Sunday night from a Green, Ohio convenience store customer regarding a man who appeared intoxicated.

"They went and attempted to block this person in, the driver got in the car, maneuvered around the citizen's car and took off driving," Inspector William Holland of the Summit County Sheriff's Department told Fox 8.

The customer followed the swerving car to a nearby home, where police deputies arrived and found 47-year-old Gregory Gordon, who was convicted of killing police officer George Knaff in 1994 after running a stop sign and smashing into Knaff's car.

This is also Gordon's second arrest for DUI since his release from prison. He was arrested in 2006 as well.

Knaff's family is enraged that he is still able to drink and get behind the wheel.

"I think he should be locked up again, and all this crap about remorse and treatment while he was in prison, that didn't do no good, it didn't do no good ... it's 15 years later," Knaff's cousin Rosalyn told Fox 8.

Officers applauded the efforts of the convenience store customer who followed Gordon home.

"This was late at night, I'm sure they were tired, they could easily have just said I hope they make it home and got in their car and gone home," Holland said.

Gordon is charged with driving under the influence, driving under suspension and refusing to take a breathalyzer test.

"They should take a real long, hard look at him cause he has served time, you would think that 10 years would really absolutely give him the courage to be remorseful for real from the heart for what he did," Rosalyn Knaff told Fox 8.

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