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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: The chair of the House Interior Appropriations subcommittee, North Carolina Republican Charles Taylor, is blocking a request for millions of federal dollar to build a memorial to commemorate United Flight 93.

Now, the congressman declined to appear on this program, but his office did provide a statement that read in part, "The memorial committee has submitted a plan calling for the purchase of 2,000 acres, an area that is three times larger than Arlington National Cemetery, and a variety of structures which they say could cost some $60 million. Realistically, it could cost between $75 and $100 million. It would be unacceptable to the memory of the sacrifice of those aboard Flight 93 to fail to adequately provide for future operations and maintenance of this memorial. The subcommittee is simply trying to refrain from making commitments of unrealistic support that will either discourage private fundraising efforts or fail to meet our commitment to the country and the families of the heroes aboard Flight 93."

Joining us now is the president of the board of the Families of Flight 93, Hamilton Peterson. He lost his father and his stepmother, Donald and Jean Peterson, on September 11.

Thank you for being with us. We appreciate your time. Let me ask you, can somebody have an honest disagreement on something that's that expensive? Do you have a problem with that?

HAMILTON PETERSON, LOST FATHER AND STEPMOTHER ON 9/11: Sean, this is a matter of factual advantagement. In fairness to Congressman Taylor, there is an abundance of information which we have been sharing with him and the other members of Congress over the last two days.

Three individuals, Congressman Bill Schuster, Senator Rick Santorum, Senator Arlen Specter have been our heroes. They are advance persons, and they are helping us educate Congress as to how this is going to be accomplished.

HANNITY: Hamilton, I've got to tell you something. Every time I think of what people like yourself and your parents and your loved ones went through, I get very angry. I hope everybody goes to see the real heroism of people like in your family, because they are heroes in our time.

I think that absolutely it is the greatest idea to have this type of memorial. But if you're talking about $80, $100 million and a commitment of money for years to come, do you think the only thing I'm concerned about is that if somebody just has an honest disagreement on whether or not financially it's viable?

PETERSON: Sean, an excellent question. It comes down to a communication failure. We're looking at roughly $58 million. The families have to date already raised $7.5 million.

A wonderful female Senate senator from Pennsylvania, Jane Claire Orie, raised us $1 million within the first year. We are raising more money through the families through wonderful organizations like Federal Express ground and FedEx, and other entities.

We have just signed on Chris Sullivan, chairman of Outback Steakhouse. We have Governor Ridge onboard, General Tommy Franks. We have been careful and measured. This will be of the stature and professionalism that the World War II Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial have accomplished.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Hamilton, it's Alan Colmes. Thank you so much for coming on our show tonight.

As I understand it, Ed Rendell, the state of Pennsylvania, they've given $10 million, a quarter million of which has already been allotted specifically for this, or released for this.

You know, it's amazing when you look at the recent budget and see where some of the moneys have gone and some of the pork in that budget, and then to deny what is really a small amount compared to some of the other numbers in that budget to this. It's an outrage.

PETERSON: Alan, I think I'd recharacterize your question, as well. Building this memorial will cost far less than rebuilding the United States Capitol.

COLMES: That's very interestingly put.

Why do you think there's such — what do you think the real story is here? Why some resistance from Congressman Taylor when so many people on both sides of the plate politically are behind this?

PETERSON: Well, it's a matter of concern and protecting the federal fiscal. And we are extremely optimistic. We've worked with Congressman Schuster, Senators Santorum and Specter. They have been essential in us getting out the facts.

And when you consider how much money we have already raised, Sean kindly mentioned the wonderful new "United 93" movie. I just arrived from the D.C. regional screening.

COLMES: What did you think? We only have a moment left. What did you think? I thought it was phenomenal, that movie. You felt like you were in plane. But it must have been quite emotional for you, to witness it.

PETERSON: We need all of your viewers to go see the movie this weekend. We're getting 10 percent of their opening weekend. And I will tell you, having heard the cockpit recorders twice, this is an accurate depiction. It is a phenomenal job. It depicts our loved ones in a courageous fashion.

These were the Minutemen of America on September 11. It is a message to stand up.

HANNITY: Thanks for being with us. I'm very sorry what happened to your parents. I wish you the best. I hope it works out the way you want on the memorial. Thanks for being with us.

PETERSON: My pleasure, Sean.

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