As the weather gets cooler and we bundle up for fall, there's nothing more important than a great, big, beautiful....BAG! That's right, ladies. It may not keep you warm, but as we pile on the sweaters, coats, socks and boots we still have to feel stylish. And no matter the weather, your favorite bag is always going to make you feel fabulous. Here are my five favorite fall trends!

Passion for Purple

This color just won't go away, and I for one am still loving it. No, I'm not going so far as to say that "purple is the new black" (I hate when people claim that, black is the ONLY black). But it arrived in stores last fall, stuck around closets this spring, and is hotter than ever this upcoming season! As always, I love adding colorful accessories to add PUNCH to a basic wardrobe, and whether it's a hobo, clutch or satchel style, a purple bag this fall is a must-have!


Crocodile styles are a hit for fall! Now, before you call animal advocates, and child star, Bindi the jungle girl, keep in mind, we're talking faux croc and I'm totally into it! I found three styles (see picture above) that I fell in love with because of their autumnal colors and great price. Try a clutch or something larger, because this trends is here to stay.

Coco Would Be Proud

If only we could all run out and grab a classic quilted Chanel bag with its signature chain link strap! Aah, the purse that will never go out of style! But, wait a sec- its pricetag is definitely NOT so hot in my book. On the other hand, this girly-girl, classic style is not only a sure thing season after season, but this fall it's become one of the biggest trends! What's a girl on a budget to do? Copy the look baby! How about these two styles I found, one from CK and the other a great deal from Forever 21.

The Clutch Challenge

While I love an oversized bag, half of the time I can't find what I'm looking for in there. Therefore, I've decided to take the clutch challenge and I invite you to do the same. (Keep in mind, I've made this up and there are no rewards or blogging involved). This is simply a challenge to myself and the rest of you out there to pack less and try this season's #1 bag, the clutch. Sleek, sophisticated and sexy, there are more clutches out there than I can count. Crocodile styles, animal prints, bold colors and clutches with buckles to name a few. If leaving your magazine, floss and make-up bag at home is too much to handle, consider a clutch for evening and weekends.

Tie it UP

Are you sick of bows yet? Well, they may not be for you, but some of the most fashionable women around are still wearing them. When they first arrived on the runway, they were oversized and obnoxious, in-your-face, feminine overkill. They then morphed into something a little softer—shirts with ties around the neck that were worn loose or undone. Now, they've trickled down to our accessories, where bags are popping up in the shape of bows. This I like. It's pretty without looking like something Barbie would wear, still cool, still fashionable.

For fall's five fabulous shoe and wardrobe trends click here-http://www.foxnews.com/fncimag/styleguide/index.html

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