Fallout From Zarqawi Strike

Welcome to "The ZONE" folks! The weekend "FOX & Friends" Zone, that is!

Of course we are going to focus on more of the aftermath of the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi killing. What about the political timing of the hit? Will it help the president's ratings? Ellen Ratner and Jim Pinkerton will focus on that. Plus, the pictures of the dead terrorist on all the front pages of the newspapers — should the media have done it and might that be a cause for the terrorists to strike back? Also, Sgt. Maj. Steve Greer will be on-hand to give us his expert analysis and insight into the Zarqawi killing and the scene inside Iraq. Also, getting to the meat of the issue, we'll have Mary Anne Weaver on the show to talk about the kind of personality it takes to become a terror mastermind!

In addition, it took great intelligence as well as technology to make the hit on Zarqawi. How did our military do it with such precision? We are going to put YOU inside the cockpit of an F-16 simulator to see what the pilots deal with on a mission like this!

Lisa Bernhard will be filling in for Bill McCuddy this week and she has some terrific things on tap, including actor Tony Denison from "Prison Break" and "The Closer!"

Plus, summer is the time for great food and we will have some great summer salads that you can eat and not put on too many pounds. But if you do, fitness guru David Kirsch will lead all those pot-bellied fathers — and the rest of us for that matter — on a Father's Day workout!

And, David White from Home Depot is back with great gadgets for dad for Father's Day. Grills, coolers and audio equipment lead the pack.

There's lots more — but you'll have to tune in to the "ZONE" to get it!

Stay tuned to the FOX News Channel all weekend starting with Alysin, Kiran and me!


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