Exploding Cell Phone May Not Have Killed Man

The South Korean man whose death was initially blamed on an exploding cell phone battery appears to have died from another cause, according to a news report Thursday.

The quarry worker, whose name has not been released, was found dead Wednesday with a melted phone battery in his shirt pocket, according to police.

He also had a broken spine and ribs as well as heart and lung injuries.

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The National Institute of Scientific Investigation said the injuries were too substantial to have been caused by a battery explosion, according to the Yonhap news agency.

"It is difficult to conclude that the damage of internal organs was caused by the cell-phone-battery explosion," Yonhap quoted an unnamed medical examiner as saying.

The official was not reachable for comment, but the institute told The Associated Press that it only had preliminary results from the autopsy and it will take about 15 days to reach a final conclusion.

On Wednesday, police and a doctor who examined the body said an explosion of the battery was probably responsible for the death.

LG Electronics Inc., which made the handset, said a battery explosion was almost impossible.