Exercise Form Essential to Getting In Shape for Summer

Everyone wants to look good in a bathing suit but take caution before you hit the gym. Working out too hard can cause injuries especially if you already have some previous aches and pains.

Fitness trainer Jackie Warner says form is essential to prevent injury. She suggests slowing down your exercises and really tightening your muscles with every move.

Warner, the owner of Sky Sport & Spain Beverly Hills and the star of the Bravo reality series Work Out, offers these tips to chronic pain sufferers:

Low Back Pain

— Don't compress the lower spine

— Don't do deep squats with heavy weights

Rotator Cuff Pain

— Lift less weight on all your exercises

— Building muscle is a good way to stay injury free

Knee Pain

— Do leg extensions with weight

— Do each rep slow and methodically

Click here to watch a demonstration video by Jackie Warner.