Exclusive: Joanna Krupa on Bad Pick-Up Lines, Self-Spanking

We've had our eye on Polish pouter Joanna Krupa for some time. So when FOXNews.com heard she was on the cover of the August issue of Maxim, we knew it would be hot.

But when we saw the cover spread, even we were surprised.

In it, Krupa , who currently stars on the ABC reality show "The Superstars," seems to wear little more than beads of water (or is it sweat?) and makes one provocative statement after another.

PHOTOS: Click for exclusive pics from Krupa's sweaty Maxim shoot.

On host of "The Superstars," Warren Sapp: “He was so arrogant and disrespectful. I think he’s frustrated because he used to be in the NFL and now it looks like he’s had too many hamburgers.”

On her favorite body part: “I like my butt. It’s perfectly proportional, it’s cute, and it’s still where it belongs. It’s been behaving so far, and if it doesn’t, I can spank it a little bit and put it back in place—just like I do with my men.”

On pick-up lines: “What is up with men and lines? Don’t do pick-up lines! You can still be smooth and cool. Say something like, ‘You look amazing tonight.’ Complimenting her is never going to hurt; just go up and talk to her.”

Pick up the August issue Maxim, on sale July 21 for the whole enchilada. Or check out Maxim.com for more Krupa crumbs.

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