A former personal assistant to Carlos Santana (search) has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the rock star and his company, claiming he was fired after his consciousness was "calibrated" and determined to be too low.

The lawsuit by Bruce Kuhlman (search), 59, charges that Santana's wife, Deborah, brought in a man known as "Dr. Dan" so employees could grow closer to God and become better workers. The lawsuit alleges that "spiritual calibration" (search) allowed a person to develop a deeper level of consciousness.

"In Deborah's view, the higher a person calibrated with Dr. Dan, the better employee they were because they were more 'spiritually evolved'," the lawsuit filed in Marin Superior Court said.

Kuhlman is asking for monetary damages for lost wages, emotional distress, and unpaid overtime, among other demands.

A spokesman for the Santanas said the couple would not comment on the suit but confirmed they will fight the case.

Kuhlman had signed an employee manual agreeing to arbitrate disputes, but Superior Court Judge John Sutro said the case could proceed regardless. An Oct. 12 court date has been set.