Ex-Detainee Cashes In With Gitmo Video Game

A Briton who spent two years in Guantanamo Bay as a terror suspect is cashing in with a computer game based on the U.S. detention camp.

Moazzam Begg, 41, will appear as himself in the Xbox 360 game, which could rake in $5 million.

"Rendition: Guantanamo," due to go on sale in October, lets players control a detainee trying to shoot his way out.

Begg, of Sparkhill, Birmingham, is shown in the game as head of an organization helping the suspect to escape.

Human rights activist Begg was thrown into the camp on Cuba in 2003 after the CIA held him in Pakistan. He claims he was tortured before being freed without charge in 2005.

Begg said any money he is paid will go to a charity fighting for detainees’ rights.

"The software firm approached me with the idea for a Guantanamo game," he said. "I'm involved to make sure it is as true to life as possible."

[Reports Wednesday said the game publisher, T-Enterprise of Glasgow, Scotland, had announced it was pulling out of the project.]

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