Ex-Boyfriend Kills Hugging Mom, Daughter as Toddler Watches

A mother and daughter were hugging each other in a child's bedroom when the daughter's ex-boyfriend shot and killed them both, authorities said.

About a half-dozen shots were fired at Teresa Lynelle Johnson, 19, and her mother Barbara Johnson, 49, after the man broke into their home early Thursday morning, Clarendon County Chief Deputy Joe Bradham said.

The women were killed in the bedroom of the daughter's 14-month-old child, who was also in the room, but was not harmed, authorities said.

The daughter's ex-boyfriend, Charles Junious, 24, was arrested less than an hour after the shooting and has been charged with two counts of murder, one count of first-degree burglary and one count of possession of a weapon during a violent crime, Bradham said. A call to the Clarendon County jail early Friday morning went unanswered.

"They broke up a couple of weeks ago," Bradham said. "She did not have a restraining order against Junious. However, we are investigating reports of problems between them after their break up."

Investigators think Junious broke into the home just after midnight Wednesday and confronted the women. The mother apparently told him to leave, while the daughter called 911 and identified Junious, Bradham said.

"When her mother got on the line, the phone went dead," Bradham said.

Teresa Johnson was shot in the back and head, while Barbara Johnson was shot in the neck and head, Coroner Hayes Samuels said.

Five to seven shots were fired and investigators haven't determine how many times each woman was hit, Bradham said.

"The daughter was hugging her mother when they were shot," Bradham said. "Some of the same bullets might have injured both parties."