Enron TV Movie in Development

A movie about the unfolding Enron scandal is in development for FX, the cable channel announced Thursday.

FX has joined with Artisan Television on the project promising an "inside look" at the energy corporation that is the focus of congressional hearings.

"The dramatic guts of the story cronyism, dishonesty, ambition and capitalism gone awry are taking shape with each passing day," said FX entertainment president Kevin Reilly.

Lowell Bergman, the former 60 Minutes producer portrayed in the film The Insider, will serve as consultant on the Enron project, FX said.

Bergman reported on Enron's relationship to the California enisis in a PBS Frontline documentary last year.

The air date for the picture, which could be either two or four hours in length, is uncertain, Reilly told Daily Variety. He would not rush the project, he said, but would wait for "some closure in real life" first.