Energy Drinks Make Students Ill at Prom

Officials at the American Christian Academy are considering banning energy drinks after one student was hospitalized and several others became ill after drinking too many of the drinks during the school's annual prom trip.

Headmaster Dan Carden says about 10 students became sick at about 10 p.m. on April 11 while the school was at The Grand Hotel Marriott Resort in Point Clear for its prom. One student began vomiting.

Carden says the school holds its prom away from Tuscaloosa for safety and monitoring purposes. This year, 110 students made the trip.

Carden says at least two of the students were taken to a nearby hospital and all of them were tested for drugs, alcohol and tobacco. He says none of the tests came back positive. He says the hospital also analyzed the drink and no alcohol or illegal substances were found.

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The school has taken disciplinary action against some of the students at the prom, but Carden declined to elaborate.

The Christian Academy is working on a schoolwide policy that will ban energy drinks of campus. The drinks usually contain a high amount of caffeine mixed with B vitamins.