Eleven Suspected Militants Arrested in Riyadh Blasts Probe

Saudi authorities have arrested 11 more suspected militants in its investigation of the Riyadh bombings, Interior Minister Prince Nayef (search) said in remarks published Thursday.

The suspects were detained without resistance in the holy city of Medina, western Saudi Arabia (search), Saudi newspapers quoted the minister as saying.

They included three wanted clerics -- Ali al-Khudair, Ahmad al-Khalidi and Nasser al-Fahd -- known for their sympathy for Al Qaeda, the minister told reporters Wednesday in Tabuk, 60 miles south of the Jordanian-Saudi border.

The clerics had urged people to support the 19 militants wanted in connection with a weapons cache found May 6 near the site of the Riyadh bombings (search) six days later. The clerics were known to support Al Qaeda, the terror group led by Usama bin Laden that is suspected of instigating the Riyadh attacks as well as those of Sept. 11, 2001 (search), on the United States.

In the Riyadh attacks, the homicide assailants detonated vehicle bombs in housing compounds for foreigners in the Saudi capital, killing 25 bystanders.

Nayef said police had identified six of the nine bodies of the Riyadh homicide bombers. Four of the six were among the 19 men wanted for the weapons cache, the minister added.

In his remarks, Nayef appeared to be giving details of the arrests he announced Tuesday when he said "a number of people were arrested some days ago and today in Medina." He had then declined to give specifics because he was waiting for further information.

Saudi papers reported Wednesday that officials had arrested five people in Medina, including Ali Abd al-Rahman al-Faqasi al-Ghamdi, whom U.S. officials believe to be one of Al Qaeda's top figures in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Ghamdi is suspected of masterminding the Riyadh attacks.

Saudi officials have detained about 100 people since the Riyadh bombings.