Elephant Gores Trainer at Six Flags Park

A trainer at an amusement park was critically injured Tuesday when he was gored by an elephant (search), officials said.

Patrick Chapple, 39, was standing next to the 7,000-pound African elephant at Six Flags (search) Marine World when she knocked him down and gored him, said Fire Department spokesman William Tweedy.

Chapple's abdomen was pierced but he was alert and talking when paramedics arrived, Tweedy said.

A handful of visitors witnessed the attack by Misha, a 23-year-old elephant who has been at the park since she was 2, including another trainer who quickly shooed the elephant away.

Misha remained in the park's elephant compound late Tuesday and was being monitored, park officials said.

Misha is one of five elephants at the park, about 20 miles east of San Francisco (search).

Chapple has 13 years experience as an animal trainer, said park spokesman Jeff Jouett.

Tuesday was not the first time Misha has showed her anger; she went after another trainer about two years ago, said Jouett.

"Misha has had one other aggressive incident where she swung at a trainer with a trunk," Jouett said.