Ballot Blunders

Heading over to the polls to cast your vote? If you are in Ohio, don’t count on your voting machine to work! This morning when Republican Congresswoman Jean Schmidt went to cast her ballot, her voting machine failed! Poll workers told her that they would store her ballot in a slot in the machine and it would be scanned later. Sound fishy?

A number of you e-mailed me early today to share your voting experience:

E-mail No. 1

My son voted this morning in Pennsylvania (first time voter there) and was never asked for his ID or voter registration card. He noticed that the space to sign in had an “ID Check” by his name. It raised a red flag for him as we are from Texas and they always check and always make you sign. He then called the Cumberland County Board of Elections and talked to someone who was not interested at all but agreed to call the precinct and ask them to check IDs. She said PA only requires IDs to be checked if you are a new voter in that area. When he told them that he was new, she didn’t seem concerned at all. We tried to call Rick Santorum’s office, but have had no luck getting to talk to a human. What should we do?

Cumberland County, PA

E-mail No. 2

I live in Centre County, PA. Our brand new electronic voting machines are not working. To be “fair and balanced” I was not in favor of them. I’m only on my way to vote. I hope I can.

Centre County, PA

E-mail No. 3

My husband and I just went to Beaver Creek Township to vote, which is a very small area around the Higgins Lake area in northern Lower Michigan. As we pulled into the parking lot, we noticed a big truck with “Vote Democrat” signs out on the yard. Also, we know this is illegal: The actual township hall where we vote has a campaign sign to re-elect Judge Allen right next to the township hall sign. Right on the property, not even 30 feet from where you walk into the township hall. We did ask about it and were told, “I’m sure it’s OK.” The problem is especially with the sign; it is placed directly next to the township hall sign as if the township was supporting the Democratic candidate. We did call the county clerk but we are amazed that after voting for 30 years, we have to put up with this.

The Camps

Sex Change on Paper?

Have you heard anything crazier? Now people in New York City will be able to change their sex without even having surgery! The city wants to make it easier for its transgender population to switch the sex listed on their birth certificate. In the past these individuals had to prove that they underwent a sex change operation before their sex was officially changed on their birth certificate. Now NYC is planning to let transgender individuals make the switch on the document before surgery. They simply have to prove that they intend to switch genders, by showing documentation that they are undergoing hormone therapy.

Bridal Burglary

Is the wedding dress you just bought "hot"? Hot as in stolen? A trailer filled with an estimated $3 million worth of bridal gowns was stolen late Sunday night in Scottsdale, Arizona. The gowns were owned by Making Memories, a company that donates its profits to grant wishes to women dying of breast cancer. Many members of the community donated their wedding dresses to Making Memories in attempt to help recoup the charity’s loss. A representative for the non-profit group says due to the generosity of the community, the bridal show scheduled for this weekend will still go on as planned.

Special Delivery

You think a delivery person visiting your neighbor looks particularly sketchy? Well, maybe it’s because he’s not a deliveryman, but a drug dealer!

In Manhattan, people are getting drug deliveries right to their doors. No, we’re not talking about a pharmacy delivery service, we’re talking about a marijuana delivery service. New York drug users are now able to simply place a phone call to get their drugs. This phone service allows them to place an order with the amount and type of marijuana they would like, and somebody will deliver it right to their door! The trend seems to be big with business professionals since this service is said to take the risk out of buying pot off the street. Could this mean the rumors are true? Does smoking pot really make people lazy enough to order in their drugs? Forget lazy. Are these people just plain stupid?

Human Hall Pass

Remember hall passes in school? One high school in North Carolina has personalized this procedure by having a "Human Hall Pass." Officials of West Brunswick High in Shallotte, N.C., are requiring students to have an escort to the restroom due to the high amount of false fire alarm pulls and trashcan fires at the school. Talk about no privacy! Students complain that they are being treated like pre-schoolers with this new policy, but Principal Jim Jordan says he’s “teaching a life lesson” to the students.


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