Elderly Woman Jailed for Fraud Over Pledge to Lift 'Deadly Spell'

An elderly woman was convicted of fraud Thursday after a Nicosia court ruled she took cash from a man to lift a "deadly spell," using an egg, his briefs and a urine sample.

Hayriye Rezvanoglu, 69, will serve 20 days in prison, court officials said.

The court found that the self-described witch "clearly and shamelessly" exploited Thanos Savvides' "vulnerable psychological and emotional state," and fraudulently obtained 500 Cyprus pounds ($1,243) to lift a spell supposedly cast by his enemies.

According to court testimony, Savvides, a 34-year-old delivery man, met Rezvanoglu in a Nicosia street last year when she asked for some of his cookies. Savvides obliged, and in return she allegedly offered to tell his fortune if he brought her the money, as well as a plate, a spoon, an egg, his underwear and a bottle of urine.

At their next meeting, Rezvanoglu allegedly told Savvides he would die in his sleep unless he paid her another 5,000 Cyprus pounds ($12,431) for magical protection.

The court also ordered Rezvanoglu to return Savvides' money.