Elderly Couple Use Plastic Bags to Suffocate Each Other, Can't Bear to Be Apart

An elderly couple in England used a suicide manual and plastic bags to kill each other because they couldn't bear the thought of any circumstance that would cause them to be apart, the Daily Mail reported.

Hilda Bedell, 76, and her husband, James, reportedly used the book "Final Exit" by Derek Humphry to help them take their own lives, the newspaper reported.

Retired war veteran and milkman James Bedell had been taking medicine for anxiety and receiving treatment for a tremor, which he feared was caused by Parkinson's disease.

Hilda Bedell had been prescribed morphine for pain associated with arthritis and osteoporosis.

The couple, who had been together for more than 60 years, drank whisky before they tied plastic bags around their heads using elastic bands, according to the Daily Mail.

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They laid in bed listening to music as they suffocated to death, according to the report.

The two openly spoke to family and friends about one day "ending it together," fearing one of them would become ill or disabled, and with the help of their son made a living will in case they were found while still alive, the Daily Mail reported.

"I was aware of what they had done, they had long said they would commit suicide and it was a well-known fact between their family and friends," said neighbor Janet Wardell, who found the two dead.

Another statement from the couple's son Andrew, said: "Some years ago they had made it clear they didn't want to lose their quality of life and end up being nursed in a hospital or a home.

"They were reading and talking about ending it together but I spoke to them around October 15 and they made no mention of when or how."