Eight Hours of Sleep or Else

Happy Thursday, DaySiders!

I'll be checking in with you a few times a week. Had to skip yesterday due to some social obligations. Julian Phillips, our old buddy and host of "FOX & Friends Weekend" wanted to gossip a bit, so Mike and I met up with him at one of the local cafe's here in Rockefeller Center to play catch up.

Your e-mails...

On Wayne Gretzky’s tie to gambling:

"Ridiculous. Why is it more wrong for the Gretzkys or anyone else high profile to gamble on a sport where they have no influence on the outcome of the event?
The thought that they are "bored" or have too much money and shouldn't even be interested is ludicrous. Maybe they gamble because they enjoy it. So???
Enough government involvement in personal behavior. Seems to be a civil liberty issue to me.
I hope the Gretzkys were winners."

We had Craig Mitnick on the show — he's repping the Jersey police official entangled in this mess. Now, with the mob ties (gambling? the mob? NO!), the coach taking leave, Gretzky's wife spending 25 grand a day, I think it's looking a bit dubious. We'll obviously be keeping an eye on this for you.

"Will you ever be back on Fox & Friends Weekend? Please say you will. I work during the day and don’t get to see you on DaySide!"
—Karen, Illinois

Quite a few of you have asked whether Mike and I are going back to the weekend show. Julian says he gets those inquiries popping up while he's doing the weekend show as well. The answer is — I really don't have an answer. As you can see, Mike and I are a little jammed during the week with “DaySide.” I love hosting the morning show, though. As I understand it, we'll be heading back there from time to time, but not on a frequent basis.

And yes, we miss doing the morning show, although (and I hope my bosses don't get too upset with me over this) I do not miss waking up at 2 a.m. The boys — Julian, Mike, Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade — have it much easier. They just throw on their suits and bam — they're ready (save for a little pancake makeup)! The gals of FOX & Friends have to deal with a solid hour of hair and makeup before the show. That's an extra hour of sleep we're missing out on! Come on! I'm one of those "I need 8 hours or else" types. I can't believe I'm complaining about having my hair and makeup done by professionals every day. OK, stop me. It's just that extra hour makes all the difference — oh, forget it...

More e-mails:

"Where's Linda Vester? She had class.
What's with all the sexual innuendos? I used to watch for intelligent conversation. I enjoyed the support Linda gave to the troops. It's obvious that you are single, so am I. However this is a family show. I am done watching you flirt and act like children."
--Gloria Irizarry

See below for Linda Vester info. As for being a family show — well, not really. It's a news program, with a ribbon of entertainment. Clearly, with regard to the latter part of that last sentence, we're blowing it for ya! Sorry!

"Truly love your show. I get to see it most days on my lunch hour. But I have one question on my mind about the show. Why does Juliet lean away from Mike? I have noticed this often enough for me to ask the question. It appears that she doesn't want to sit next to him which I'm sure is not the case, but it does seem odd. Still a great show. Juliet is a real doll!!!!!"
—Michael Strickmiller
Slidell, Louisiana

I've seen this on the monitor, and try to correct it when I notice it. It has nothing to do with 'body language says she doesn't like him'. Quite the opposite! I love Mikey, we're the closest of friends. If you notice, we're sitting so close that we're touching. I like a little space, first. More importantly, when I lean, it's usually when I'm engaging in conversation with him, rather than a guest. I have bad eyes, so I need to back up a bit to see him. Don't wear contacts and hate glasses on the air!


My buddy Mike is sick Thursday. He sent me text message this morning with the bad news. Says he has "the flu BIG TIME." So I'm guessing you may not see Mike tomorrow either. Luckily, Super Doocy is here to save the day. I think Mike's exhausted from juggling all the babes. He was quite excited to see Tai Babilonia, the champion figure skater on Wednesday’s show. Mike, for all his professionalism and maturity, becomes quite animated and charming in the company of beautiful women, as most men do. Too bad she's engaged. Did you happen to catch to whom? David Brenner, the comedian! Go figure!

Speaking of love and all that biz...

Yes, I'm still with "Lion Man" as we've so fondly deemed my boyfriend Dave Salmoni. A few folks have been wondering why, after being inundated with talk of him, we haven't mentioned him much. Prodded by the advice of those in this building who make the important decisions (i.e. my boss), I decided maybe it's time to give "Lion Man" a little rest. He's great and will be back on the show sometime in March to tell us about his new special airing on the Discovery Channel around that time.

Others have wondered about Laurie Dhue and Linda Vester...

Laurie is now an anchor on "Geraldo At Large," Mr. Rivera's new syndicated show — one that you all should tune into every day! Check your local listings. She's joined by, Geraldo of course but also Phil Keating, another FNCer.

Linda Vester is on extended maternity leave and we're not sure exactly when she's returning, although word is — she WILL be back.

Gotta run. Get better Mikey!


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