E.T., Mr. Deeds and Law & Order

E.T., Mr. Deeds and Law & Order in The Foxlight.

Hey, Steven Spielberg, phone home. A lot more money is headed to your vaults. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of E.T. it's out on video and DVD. What are the odds? Expect more than you ever wanted to know about Reese's pieces and every other piece of minutiae on this blockbuster. But will any of the behind-the-scenes information touch on the recent theatrical re-release that was a flop? Um no, that you only get in The Foxlight.

Next Adam Sandler is the failed greeting card writer turned instant billionaire in Mr. Deeds. Winona Ryder proves she can't even steal a scene. Critics thought it a bad deed, but it did make a few bucks on the big screen. Best thing about the movie? The way over skilled John Turturro as the butler. And yes, he did it.

Finally, the first season of Law & Order should give producer Dick Wolf a little more 'ching-ching' in the old cash register. But don't we get these for free five times a day on 'A&E?