E-Learning 101: Universities Populating Second Life Campuses

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Forget rolling out of bed and sleepwalking in PJs across campus to class — dress your avatar and grab your mouse for a few hours of virtual learning.

So goes an increasingly popular trend on Internet socializing sites that has spread to classrooms and universities, AFP reported.

Students of California’s San Jose State University can meander across 16 digital acres peppered with buildings housing classes for the school’s Library Sciences Department in the Second Life virtual world, the story reported.

"I can send a student in to have an experience in an unstructured environment and then come out and have a conversation about it," said Jeremy Kemp, whose 15-week virtual world class teaches about the application behind Second Life and lets students design a library program and invite an audience.

"We're experimenting with using Second Life to prep students to face the terror of public speaking," Kemp said in the AFP story. "That's very difficult to do in any other way."

San Jose is just one of many schools embracing the possibilities of e-learning, which also includes Web and podcast lectures for iPods and MP3 players.

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