E. Idaho County Sues Man Who Kept Family's Mummified Remains in His Mobile Home

Authorities in eastern Idaho have filed a lawsuit against a man they say didn't report the deaths of his wife and daughter but instead kept their mummified remains in his mobile home.

Madison County officials are suing David Kaneko for at least ten-thousand dollars.

Officials argue that the county would have spent less money investigating if Kaneko had promptly reported the death of his wife, Lorraine, and their daughter, Laura.

Officials say the women died sometime between 2001 and June 19th, 2004, when deputies conducting a welfare check found the bodies.

According to court records, the women died after following a plan they believed was a divine revelation that restricted their diet and required complete isolation.

Autopsy reports show they died from a combination of starvation and sickness.

Kaneko faces five felony charges in connection with the deaths.