Dustin Hoffman, Joey Lawrence and Red Dragon Director Brett Ratner

Dustin Hoffman, Joey Lawrence and Red Dragon director Brett Ratner in The Foxlight.

Can anyone believe Dustin Hoffman is 65? The Moonlight Mile star can. He says he's no longer the man he once was -- and he's happy about it.

"I no longer feel like I'm chained to a maniac," the star tells the Toronto Sun, referring to his waning testosterone levels. "From the time of puberty, it so controls you. There is no defense against it. Whether it's male menopause or whatever it's called, there is a climate change inside you. Why do I have a need to cook now? Why do I have a desire to garden?"

Well for a guy with a diminished sex drive he sure likes to hit on female junket reporters.

How's this for a quote of the week from Entertainment Weekly? Gimme A Break star Joey Lawrence says: "I don't really remember much, other than there was very little air, and it was really dark in there. It was sort of like reverting back to the womb."

What's he talking about? Getting his face pressed into co-star Nell Carter's ample bosom. He's lucky to be alive.

Finally, can you believe Red Dragon was directed by the same guy who gave us the two Rush Hours and Family Man? Neither can he.

Brett Ratner: "I don't think anyone was looking at me going, 'Let's get the guy who did Rush Hour.

McCuddy: "Hopkins asks you for a reference and you're like, 'You might want to call Jackie Chan."

Ratner "Exactly!"