Dubious couples and what the stars are returning after Christmas in the no exchanges, refunds or store credit afterglow of The Foxlight.

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson, just the couple next door?  At least that's the picture the Kid is painting. He says they're just an old fashioned sort of couple. He says he'll "take the garbage out and throw the kids around the yard. She wants to cook dinner and read books to the kids at night." Kid Rock says that's what he's always wanted. And, to have it with Anderson, he says, "I'm like, `This is creepy.'"  I think we all share that sentiment. 

Penelope Cruz says she wants kids.  In fact she's loved them since she was one.  But not now and no marriage plans for she and the Cruiser.  Translation?  Cruz and Cruise are through promoting Vanilla Sky by saying they're about to get married.  It all made about as much sense as the movie.   

Finally, what are the stars returning after Christmas?  Jim Carrey is probably returning any sequel scripts for the less than majestic Majestic.  Same goes for Tim Allen.  No Joe Somebody sequel for him.  These two were holiday leftovers the moment they were released.

And you know Winona Ryder likes this time of year because she can return things without a receipt. 

And that's the always warmed over world of celebrity dish we nuke on high to defrost the chilly shoulder they give us in the harsh post holiday glow of The Foxlight.