Duane 'Dog' Chapman's Oldest Son Defends His Dad

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HEATHER NAUERT, CO-HOST: Big new developments now on America's most infamous bounty hunter, Duane "Dog" Chapman is being called a racist by some in the United States but he's not going to be called a kidnapper in Mexico.

JOHN GIBSON, CO-HOST: That's because the U.S. judge has just ruled not to extradite Chapman to face an appeal of kidnapping charges against him for the 2003 capture of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster. That's good news for the "Dog" because it comes at a difficult time for the reality TV star. He lost his show and many of his fans after one of his sons turned against him and now another one of "Dog's" pups is trying to come to dad's rescue. "The Big Story" with correspondent Douglas Kennedy has the new details. Douglas?

DOUGLAS KENNEDY, BIG STORY CORRESPONDENT: Yes, John, the "Dog's" eldest son is coming to his defense today. Christopher Chapman says his father is not a racist, that he has only heard his father use the "n" word once or twice in his life and that yes, his father has many black friends.


DUANE "DOG" CHAPMAN: Did you hear that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, I [beep] [beep]

KENNEDY (voice over): One son submarined his career. Now another is attempting to resurrect the "Dog show."

CHRISTOPHER CHAPMAN, DOG'S SON: He's not a racist person. He's not racist.

KENNEDY: Christopher Chapman is the eldest son of Duane Dog, a recent shooting star of reality TV.

Earlier today, Christopher spoke exclusively to TMZ.com.

CHRISTOPHER CHAPMAN: I have only heard him say like the "n" word once or twice, and it's never been to where he's been a racist person at all. He's got a lot of friends that are black. He's got a lot of friends that are Mexican, plus he's half-Indian himself.

DOG CHAPMAN: Yes there, hi, this is the Dog Chapman, how are you?

KENNEDY: Last week the world's most renowned bounty hunter lost his show on A&E after his son Tucker released an audiotape to the "National Enquirer" of Chapman repeatedly using the "n" word in reference to Tucker's girlfriend who is black.

DUANE "DOG" CHAPMAN'S RANT: I'm taking a chance on on some (BEEP) and it's not because she's black, (BEEP) but it's because we use the word (BEEP) here.

KENNEDY: The racist rant is soundly criticize by nearly everyone who heard it. Including Niger Innis, national spokesman for the Congress for Racial Equality.

NIGER INNIS, CONGRESS FOR RACIAL EQUALITY: I was outraged. I mean I was offended. I mean there's not a more reprehensible term in the English vocabulary than that term.

KENNEDY: Niger's father Roy was one of the first to call the tapes an immediately called for Chapman's dismissal. But recently the Innis' spoke with Chapman directly and say they have softened their views.

KENNEDY (on camera): Now, you spoke with him for three hours?


KENNEDY: And you say he was crying and very remorseful?

INNIS: Yes. He was very remorseful. It was heartfelt and he poured out his soul to my father and myself for three hours.

KENNEDY: What did he say?

INNIS: He said that he gave me his life story essentially and he said he had lived his entire adult life trying to bridge the gap, if you will, between the races. He moved his family out to Hawaii to be in a diverse racial environment. He has a black pastor within his church.

KENNEDY: Now, but how do you know he wasn't just crying and being remorseful because he wants his job back or he lost all his money?

INNIS: That's an excellent question and I was skeptical of at first. Until he said to me on the phone, him and his wife that he already lost his job. And he already pulled the plug on his job. His job was finished. At this point, he was trying to do was reclaiming his good name.


KENNEDY: A spokesman for A&E appeared unmoved insisting the show is cancelled for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, the "Dog" himself is scheduled to appear tonight on "Hannity & Colmes". No doubt, John and Heather, to further explain that he is not a racist.

NAUERT: (INAUDIBLE) I don't think that his son necessarily did him any favors. He only says that word once or twice and he has black friends. I mean that's laughable.

KENNEDY: Yes. There is no possible way that Dog Chapman has only used the "n" word once or twice in his life. He seemed so comfortable with it on the phone. He said it about five times there.

GIBSON: OK. He's on "Hannity & Colmes" tonight, can he get out of the doghouse as we just put on the screen? Can he explain this his way out of this?

KENNEDY: I don't think he can get out of it. This might be his final appearance on television.

GIBSON: Douglas Kennedy, thank you Douglas. Just a reminder tonight, on FOX News, you will hear Dog react in a world exclusive interview on "Hannity & Colmes", that's tonight at 9:00 eastern right here on FOX. Don't miss a moment.

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