Driver Who Crashed Into Berlin World Cup Crowd Investigated for Attempted Murder

A German motorist who injured 26 people when he plowed through Berlin's World Cup pedestrian "fan mile" is under investigation for attempted murder.

On Monday, he was ordered held in a psychiatric hospital.

Berlin officials have said they believe the 33-year-old driver intentionally broke through a concrete barrier near the capital's landmark Brandenburg Gate on Sunday in an effort to seek attention.

"There is an investigation of attempted murder," police spokesman Bernhard Schodrowski said. He declined to elaborate.

The car smashed through a barrier blocking off the stretch of road where soccer matches are shown on big screens to hundreds of thousands of fans. There were no matches on Sunday, so the festival was relatively empty.

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Prosecutors issued a statement Monday saying that the suspect, who had no previous criminal record, was not giving information about what happened. He maintains he had been involved in a subway accident.

Preliminary investigation showed the man's 55-year-old mother, who was a passenger in the car, was not involved in committing an offense, the statement said.

Police said the crash would not prompt a review of their security procedures. Germany 2006 spokesman Gerd Graus said he was confident the popular fan area was being properly policed.

"We don't believe this can happen again — it's an individual case," Graus said.