Driver: Clark Rockefeller Said He Was Running From Gay Friend

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The driver of a limousine that whisked away Clark Rockefeller and his daughter after he allegedly kidnapped the 7-year-old girl says he was fooled by the mysterious man who told him he was running from a gay friend.

Darryl Hopkins told WBZ-TV that he had no reason to doubt that Rockefeller was who he said he was.

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Rockefeller told the driver when he hired him that he was driving to Newport, R.I., for a meeting with former U.S. Sen. Lincoln Chafee's son, according to Hopkins.

When he pulled his SUV away from a Boston street on July 27 with a social worker clinging to his car, said the driver, Rockefeller told him the man was a gay friend he was trying to get away from.

Hopkins says he was previously hired by Rockefeller to drive to New York City so he could attend a "board meeting."

Hopkins has not been charged.

Authorities say Rockefeller is really a German man named Christian Gerhartsreiter.

Earlier this week, Rockefeller's attorney said his client was beginning to remember details of his past.

Rockefeller has now admitted to using aliases and to knowing a California couple who vanished in 1985 and are believed to have been murdered, lawyer Stephen Hrones said.

He is being held in a Boston jail on the kidnapping charge. Police consider him a person of interest in the disappearance of Jonathan and Linda Sohus.

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