Douglas Kennedy: 'Kristen' Revealed

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BILL HEMMER, CO-ANCHOR: As you mentioned, Megyn, new developments now as the young woman at the center of the Spitzer sex scandal is made public. From New York to Washington, in the room 871, FOX's Douglas Kennedy digs into new details on client number nine. Douglas.

DOUGLAS KENNEDY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Yes, her real name is Ashley, Bill, and she told her mom she had no idea who Eliot Spitzer was. But their names are now inexorably linked even though they come from vastly different backgrounds, grew up in separate generations and have different taste in music.


KENNEDY (voice over): She likes R & B music. He is said to like classical.

WENDY MURPHY, FORMER PROSECUTOR: She is from a terrible abusive family circumstances, literally ran away from home, ended up basically homeless in New York.

KENNEDY: She called herself Ashley Alexandra Dupre on her MySpace page, but was born Ashley Youmans(ph) in Bellmawr, New Jersey. And those are just some of the new details emerging today about the young woman Eliot Spitzer knew simply as Kristen; details which former prosecutor Wendy Murphy says call into question the assertion by many that prostitution is a victimless crime.

MURPHY: As power imbalances go, could there be more disparity in terms of age, gender, power, political authority, lifestyle, wealth? There is nothing, nothing that these two have in common.

HEMMER: He is 48, she 22. He was given hundreds of millions of dollars from his real estate mogul father. She came from abuse and a broken home. He ascended through ivy league schools to become the most powerful politician in New York State. She is a high school dropout, was recently broke and homeless, writing on her MySpace page "I survived on my own."

MURPHY: There are people trying to defend him saying, you know, these are two adults. I suppose, technically, she is an adult, but that doesn't mean she isn't being victimized.

KENNEDY: Still, Murphy warns Ashley not to take advantage of her newfound celebrity.

MURPHY: She should hang her head in shame, too, because what she did was harmful to herself, harmful to society, and this is nothing to celebrate.


KENNEDY: But some are looking to celebrate. Ashley is said to have already gotten offers from tabloid TV to tell her story as well as porn magazines to pose nude.

And AP is reporting tonight she may even get an offer for a record contract. So it sounds like, Bill, she has a lot of decisions to make. That's it from here. Back to you.

HEMMER: Yes. Money in every corner apparently, too. Douglas Kennedy - thanks, Douglas. Megyn.

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