Doron Gorshein, Chairman and CEO of The America Channel

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TERRY KEENAN, GUEST HOST: Well, if you like watching TV but could care less about the latest Hollywood gossip, you’re exactly the viewer my next guest wants to grab. He’s so convinced that Americans are hungry for a network that focuses on real issues and real people like them that he’s creating a channel to give it to them.

He is Doron Gorshein. He is chairman and CEO of America Channel, which is set to launch next year.

And, Mr. Gorshein, good to have you with us.


KEENAN: You know, I mean I could make the case that perhaps FOX is that network, but why do you think there’s an appetite out there for news that doesn’t affect both coasts?

GORSHEIN: Well, this is not a news network. It is an entertainment network focused on real people and real stories. We are the true storytelling network of America. In effect, it is the next level in reality entertainment. But pure entertainment. Not news, as FOX is.

KEENAN: So how are you going to entertain us? What are you going to you show that’s different from Friends or whatever?

GORSHEIN: Well, these are non-fiction shows that turn the cameras on ordinary Americans who achieve extraordinary things.

We’re going to give the cameras to journalism schools and universities and ask them to give us tidbits on the lives of young people, the future leaders of this country.

We’ve got a show called America From Afar which showcases media clippings from faraway places that affect the United States. In many ways, we believe that pre-Sept. 11, the media didn’t adequately prepare us for 9/11 (search).

And so what we found in our market research was that people are clamoring for real life, whether it’s stories about ordinary Americans from all walks of life, students, college students, and others.

KEENAN: All right. Well, we will be looking for it on our cable systems all around the country.

Thanks for joining us.

GORSHEIN: Thank you very much.

KEENAN: Doron Gorshein.

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