Doorman Admits to Killing Tourist on Greek Holiday Island

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A Greek court on Thursday convicted a nightclub doorman of beating a 20-year-old Australian tourist to death on the holiday island of Mykonos, sentencing him to a total of 20 years in jail.

Marios Antonopoulos, 25, had originally faced life imprisonment after he was charged with murder in the Aug. 2008 death of Doujon Zammit following an argument outside a nightclub on Mykonos.

The court on the nearby island of Lesvos, however, reduced the charge to that of causing fatal bodily injury. Antonopoulos was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment on that charge, and another five for separate, lesser charges, including carrying and using a weapon.

Two other men were convicted of complicity in Zammit's death, with one sentenced to eight years in prison and the other to seven.

A fourth defendant — the nightclub owner — was acquitted, while a fifth is a minor and will be tried separately in a juvenile court.

Zammit died of head injuries after being transferred from Mykonos to a hospital in Athens. His father, Oliver, donated his son's heart to a Greek-Australian man, causing an outpouring of public sympathy for the Zammit family in Greece, where organ donation is infrequent.

Oliver Zammit traveled to Greece with his wife Rosemarie and their other sons, Laurent and Zeake, for the opening of the trial last week. Kostas Gribilas, the Greek-Australian man who received Doujon Zammit's heart, also attended the start of the trial.