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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: ... flag flying above the American. That was it, right?

JIM BROSSARD, CUT DOWN MEXICAN FLAG: Yes. I am not going to have that in my — in my — on my watch. It is just not going to occur. If I need to be involved to the extent I was involved, certainly, I am ready for any consequences that might come my way.

CAVUTO: All right.

BROSSARD: But I have so much support out there.


CAVUTO: Man, he had a supporters here, thousands of e-mails. That guy is, apparently, to a lot of you folks, a hero. This guy is ready to all but give him a free seat at a fight.

I am talking about John King — Don King, who joins me right now.


CAVUTO: Don, you like this guy. You like him a lot, huh?

DON KING, FOUNDER, DON KING PRODUCTIONS: Yes, I do. I like anybody who likes America, because America is the greatest nation in the world. And he most certainly has the — a pair of tickets to come to Madison Square Garden and see a live heavyweight title fight on October the 6th, which is Saturday, against...


CAVUTO: You know, Don, you will — you will shamelessly promote anything.

KING: And, listen, I just tell it like it is, because this is America.


KING: God bless this country. Saturday night at the Garden, Samuel Peter against Jameel McCline.

CAVUTO: All right.

KING: This is "Your World," Neil.

CAVUTO: No one knows who these boxers are.

KING: Yes, but they will after Saturday. And that's why they're in New York.


CAVUTO: Don, I love you dearly. They won't.

Here's the problem. We have 58 heavyweight boxing champions.

KING: You don't have quite that many. But your point is well taken. This is "Your World," Neil. And that's what we're trying, to bring this into focus...


KING: ... where we have one undisputed champion. And we are going to do that.

CAVUTO: But, you know, Don, in all seriousness, are we ever going to get back to the time when we have a single champion, whether it is Muhammad Ali or Joe Frazier or George Foreman, or the guys like Ken Norton and Earnie Shavers.

KING: Or Larry Holmes.

CAVUTO: Right. Right.

KING: Yes.

CAVUTO: You know, and I think that would give clarity to a lot of folks. But we don't have it. What's the deal?

KING: We're going to have to go work on that...


KING: ... because the Russians now have the back disease that is plaguing them. Klitschko has pulled out of five fights. Now Oleg has pulled out of two. We have got to do something about that plague that is afflicting the Russians.


KING: But, other than that, we going to start — and I want to thank Jim Dolan, because he made it possible. And Ken Hershman, he's at Showtime.

CAVUTO: Right.

KING: He made it possible, so we can see this. But, Saturday night, Neil, we invite you down to...


CAVUTO: Where is it going to be? Is it at Madison Square Garden?

KING: Madison Square Garden. And we want that hero there.


CAVUTO: Do you have any thought on this Isiah Thomas suit?

KING: You know what? I think that this is America. We are growing. We are growing. And I think that Isiah is a very nice guy.


KING: I love Jim Dolan, as you know.

And I think it is just something that is — it's a confusion here in our land that we're going to have to try to rectify. And we're going to have to do that by praying together and staying together.

CAVUTO: Well, the appearance — the appearance was, at least, given this woman's suit and the fact she got $11.6 million for being sexually harassed, her claim, and a jury bought that, that that is — the whole Madison Square Garden, Cablevision environment is inhospitable to people.

Is it?

KING: I can't say that, because it has been most gracious to me. And I love Charles Dolan and I love Jim Dolan and Helen, the matriarch of the family.


CAVUTO: Are they bummed out about this, Don? You know them. Are they bummed out about this? Are they saying, our public reputation has taken a beating?


KING: I have not spoken to them since then.

But, naturally, anybody would be sort of disparaged — how would I say it?


KING: They would be saddened by this type of news, because no one believes that it was being true.


KING: So, then, except that the jury — so, this is what they have got to do. They have got to deal with that.


KING: And I think they will in the American way, Neil.

But I am just so proud, honored, and privileged to be on "Your World."

CAVUTO: Great to have you. Don...

KING: You just don't know what it means to me to see you grow like you have grown.

And this is indicative of what can happen in America...

CAVUTO: Anything can happen. You are right.

KING: ... when you...


KING: And faith, glory and hope is what I got going on Saturday night.


KING: And I want you there, Neil, if there's any way possible. We need your presence. And that hero, bring him in from wherever he is at.



CAVUTO: Oh, wow. Don't — don't — do not start singing. I beg you.

KING: Oh, I'm so excited.

All right. Don...

KING: I got to — listen, this is a great nation.

CAVUTO: Thank you very, very much.

KING: God bless America. God bless our president, George Walker Bush.

CAVUTO: Don King.

KING: And God bless our troops. We must support our troops.

CAVUTO: You know what? We're not going to do a normal tease, Don, because we can't top you.

We're just going to go to commercial. That's what we're going to do.

Here's a commercial.


KING: Just support the troops. No matter how abnormal it may be, we have got time to salute and support our troops...

CAVUTO: Yes, we do.

KING: ... all over the world.

CAVUTO: More after this.

KING: Neil Cavuto, "Your World," baby.

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