Dog Owner Punches Shark After Pooch Bitten in Florida in Weekend Attack

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A Florida Keys swimmer punched a shark after the animal bit his dog — saving the pooch's life.

The attack, one of two in as many days in Florida, didn't scare away Greg LeNoir, however.

LeNoir was swimming Friday with his 14-pound pup Jake at a marina when he saw the unthinkable: An open-mouthed shark was heading their way.

LeNoir watched in horror as his 28-month-old rat terrier disappeared under the water after the shark tried to make a meal of the little pet.

LeNoir shrieked before clenching his fists and pummeling the toothy animal.

''I clenched my fists and dove straight in with all my strength, like a battering ram,'' LeNoir, 53, told the Miami Herald. "I hit the back of the shark's neck. It was like hitting concrete.''

Jake broke free from the shark's jaws and, thankfully, wasn't critically injured after he and his owner made it safely back to shore.

''Jake's doing great,'' LeNoir's brother, Phillip, told the Herald. "And I still can't believe my brother jumped in the water and punched a shark.''

LeNoir, a carpenter, spoke to fishermen who believe the culprit was either a bull shark or a lemon shark, according to the Herald.

The attack on the dog wasn't the only one in the Sunshine State this weekend — and LeNoir wasn't the only brave victim.

Only two days later, on Sunday, 44-year-old David Logan was bitten while surfing in New Smyrna Beach.

Logan suffered several small puncture wounds on his foot. Paramedics called it the "weakest shark bite" ever.

After his foot was treated, Logan covered the gauze with duct tape and got back on his surfboard.

He was the 23rd bite victim of the year off the coast of Volusia County, Fla.

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