Dog Leads Massachusetts Father to Freezing Boy, 2

A yellow Labrador retriever saved the life of a Boston-area toddler, who had wondered off in the cold, after it brought the child's parents to the freezing boy.

Two-year-old Liam Thompkins, who slipped out of his parents' home through a sliding glass door, was barefoot and wearing only a light jacket in the 17-degree weather, with a windchill of negative 2, the Boston Globe reported. He wandered off with the family dog at his side.

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The boy's parents realized he was missing and alerted police, who sent an electronic signal to neighbors, telling them of the boy's disappearance. As several neighbors and police searched for the boy, the dog found Liam Thompkins, the boy's father, and lead him to his son.

The boy was concious but lying on the ground in the fetal position when found. He was flown to Boston Medical Center and was expected to fully recover.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.