Dog Becomes 'Dad' to Abandoned Baby Goat

A pup has become pop to an abandoned baby goat, according to London's Daily Mail.

"Billy," a boxer, has begun treating the 12-day-old kid named Lilly like his very own, sleeping beside her, washing her and generally watching over her at a wildlife center in Devon, England, the Mail reported.

The dog's owner, Elizabeth Tozer, said the little goat was left alone by her mother when she was only hours old. A very paternal Billy took on Lilly as his companion when Tozer began hand-rearing the kid.

"Lilly follows Billy around, which is really quite amusing to watch," Tozer told the Mail. "Billy sleeps with the goat and cleans her mouth after she feeds."

The kid was the tiniest in the litter of three. The dog-goat pair has attracted fans at Pennywell Farm wildlife center.

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