Does Chris Dodd Have a Golden Parachute?

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SEN. CHRIS DODD, D-CONN.: After 35 years representing the people of Connecticut in the United States Congress, I will not be a candidate for re-election this November. There are moments for each elected public official to step aside and let someone else step up. This is my moment to step aside.


GLENN BECK, HOST: It's amazing: Christopher Dodd — he's going to step aside after only three decades in the U.S. Senate. He's decided after a lot of thought to step down after his term and not seek re-election. Yes, yes, I'm sure that's exactly what is happening.

Yes. Chris is there at home, you know, it's been a good run. And after all, I think there are a few bars I haven't hit in Connecticut. You know, I haven't visited all of them yet. I'm going to step aside and let somebody else have a shot.

Oh, a shot. I'll get a double. Surely, Christopher Dodd is not going bar-hopping anymore. And neither am I. But come on, really, Chris? It's time just to step aside and let somebody else have a shot?

These people fight tooth and nail for power. You just don't give it up. I mean, I'm sorry, but I just don't think that Chris Dodd is George Washington. Maybe that's me.

The Democrats knew that Dodd was going to lose and they cannot afford to lose another seat. They are too much in love with their supermajority.

The Democratic Party thinks that you are too stupid to know that all they care about is the party, not the people who are — Christopher Dodd, they don't give a flying crap. They don't care about the people or the values those people possess. They want to win. And they're counting on that belief — or lack of belief — in you.

But the point is, Chris Dodd was the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. He oversaw with Ted Kennedy while he was alive this health care overhaul. He oversaw much of the stimulus package. Chris Dodd just ran for president of the United States last election cycle.

Is it possible that just out of the blue he's like, "You know what? I'm going to get a nap in. I've had enough."

Now, somebody could be cynical and say did you get another sweet deal, you know, a home mortgage in Connecticut or another home in Ireland? Maybe, maybe. Maybe he just wants to enjoy the sweetheart deals he got on those two places.

But I don't think so. I think it's slightly more likely that the party leadership saw the writing on the wall or more specifically, the poll numbers from Connecticut on TV. Harry Reid is going to be next.

Dodd was trailing badly. His potential Republican opponent was leading. And the Democrats saw their supermajority in the Senate flash before their eyes. They have to have the seat in Connecticut held by a Republican.

So did they offer him anything to go quietly in the night? What kind of golden parachute did the progressives dangle in front of him to convince him that it was time to leave? Or not because it's time for somebody else to have the job, did he just say, boy, I kind of want to go out before they come to my house with torches, maybe leave with a little dignity like Johnny Carson.

Is there a cubicle next to Van Jones at John Podesta's George Soros-funded Center for American Progress that we'll see Chris Dodd show up at? Is he done? Will he ride out in the sunset? Or is there a financial institution that suddenly decides Chris Dodd would be perfect to lead them into the next decade?

Why not? It's not that much of a stretch. I mean, Rahm Emanuel found a pretty good deal for his good buddy who now is the CEO of G.M. Who knows? That's for others to debate.

But let me tell you something about I heard about swimming at a very young age. If someone is drowning and you're not an exceptionally strong swimmer yourself, you throw them something. You grab a stick. You throw a life jacket. You do something.

You do not jump into the water and try to save them, because someone who is drowning is in a state of full-fledged panic. In their desperation, they will do anything. They'll flail around. They'll grab onto you and they will actually force you underwater as they try to find air.

Desperate people do desperate things to stay alive. The Democratic Party — and quite honestly the Republican Party as well with their progressive ideas — are looking at their poll numbers.

They saw Chris Dodd's poll numbers. They see the tea party numbers. They saw the 9/12 turnout in D.C. And they see the response to health care and the debacle that they're jamming down our throats.

They are becoming desperate.

By next fall, just before the election time, they are going to become extraordinarily desperate. They're going to do everything they can just to grab on to some air, keep the power that they've built.

Unfortunately, in my time of watching these people in Washington, nothing surprises me and they're pretty easy to predict — they really are.

Unfortunately, my predictions are usually right. Some of them are wrong, but a lot of them are right, and it's always the worst ones that are. I'm going to tell you what I believe they will do very soon.

And then, you set out and you watch, because it will happen. It will happen. But it won't have the ending that they think.

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