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It was about 12 years ago. There I was, minding my own business, in the Los Angeles bureau of NBC News and word came down that there was a big break in the overnight story that an ex-wife of O.J. Simpson's had been murdered. The break that got everybody going was O.J. had been spotted in handcuffs.

A murder is always a story, but it went mega when it seemed even possible that the killer was O.J. himself.

That first picture of O.J. in cuffs began an 18-month saga in which I did nothing else, no other story. And when the trial ended just a little over 10 years ago I predicted that one day Simpson is going to write a book titled "I Did It and Here's How I Did It."

Well he's come ever so close to writing that book now by doing this TV interview and while millions of people are still waiting for O.J. to make a full admission, I must say: What is left to say?

Does anybody seriously think O.J. didn't do it? Maybe 12 jurors in Los Angeles, but not the jury in the civil trial and not millions of people who followed the case everyday.

So what is the big deal about a TV special in which O.J. hints around that he did it? Well, the big deal is that he's another inch closer to that book I predicted he would write.

O.J. can admit all he wants or as little as he wants. He can't be tried again under criminal statutes, which means he can't be jailed. Under the rules of double jeopardy he has been tried for this crime and found not guilty. He can't be tried again. So he is free to make a full admission if he wants to.

So why this halfway thing?

The reason is that O.J. has only one thing left to say in life, and if he says it now he will have years of life left in which nobody is interested in him at all.

He can't let the cat out of the bag just yet. He can show you the cat's furry tail, and he can let you hear it meow. But if he wants there to be any interest in him at all for the rest of his life, this admission is going to have to come in inches not miles.

Many more inches to go, but is there anybody left who will be surprised when it's all out in the open?

That's My Word.

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