Documents Show Caylee Anthony Was Left in Laundry Bag, Had Duct Tape Around Mouth

Newly-released documents in the murder of Florida child Caylee Anthony show that she was placed in a laundry hamper bag and had silver duct tape around her mouth.

The documents, made public Wednesday, include reports from police and crime scene investigators, FBI crime lab reports and transcripts of 911 calls placed by the meter reader who found the girl's remains, according to

They were among 311 pages of discovery released, after having been turned over to the defense team for Caylee's mother, Casey Anthony, who is charged with killing the toddler, according to

The evidence shows that the child's body was placed in a laundry bag that was sealed in a plastic garbage bag before it was left behind in the woods. The tape around Caylee's mouth had a heart-shaped sticker on it, and there was also duct tape attached to her head, the station reported.

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Casey Anthony, 22, is in jail on first-degree murder and other charges.

Caylee disappeared when she was 2 in mid-June and wasn't reported missing for a month. Her remains were found in December in a wooded lot about a half mile from her family's home. The medical examiner ruled her death a homicide.

Last week, a new jailhouse videotaped interview between Anthony and her parents was released in which Anthony describes herself as a victim.

Anthony has insisted that she had nothing to do with her little girl's disappearance and death, saying she last saw her when she left her with a baby sitter.

Police say she made the story up and the sitter doesn't exist.

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