Doctors Stunned When 3-Year-Old Girl's Brain Tumor 'Disappears'

A 3-year-old girl has stunned her parents and doctors after fighting off an inoperable brain tumor all by herself.

Liberty Rose Finn was given 18 months of chemotherapy to try and shrink a growth behind her eyes which was sending her blind.

The gruelling treatment only halved the tumor, leaving parents Carl, 34, and Dawn, 32, fearing the worst for their daughter's future.

But nine months after the chemo stopped they were stunned by the results of a new brain scan taken last week, which revealed the growth had practically disappeared all by itself.

Liberty was born with twin Destiny Mai in December 2006. Her sister was perfectly healthy.

But at 6-weeks-old Carl and Dawn, from Burton, Derbys in the U.K., noticed something was wrong — Liberty's eyes kept rolling back in to her head.

They took her to see an eye consultant at Derby City Hospital, who diagnosed her with Nystagmus, a form of involuntary eye movement.

Scans at Nottingham's Queens Medical Center revealed she had optic chiasm glioma, a tumor wrapped around both of Liberty's optic nerves, which was making her blind.

Her parents were told the growth could never be removed because of its size and location and a pioneering chemotherapy was the best option.

Chemo began in October 2007, but by the end of the treatment, a scan showed the tumor had only shrunk by 50 percent.

Doctors said because the treatment had made her so ill they could not give her any further sessions.

Dawn Finn is convinced Liberty somehow fought off the tumour that the chemotherapy could not.

"I literally couldn't believe it when I saw the scan -- it was bizarre," Dawn Finn said. "The tumor that had looked so large before had just gone. I had to ask the doctor over and over again: 'Is this Liberty, are you sure?'"

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