Doctors Don't Have a License to Be Rude

Tell me if this has ever happened to you...

You walk into a doctor's office, and let them know you're there for a 10:30 appointment. The receptionist, without looking up, reminds you to sign the register and be seated.

You sign the register. You take your seat. And you wait. And you wait some more. And you keep waiting some more.

The waiting room is crowded. There's not a spare seat to be had. It's Grand Central Station at rush hour, and everyone's coughing.

The guy next to you seems to have expired. Out of curiosity, some 30 minutes into the ordeal, you ask the other fellow next to you -- the guy who hasn't expired -- how long he's been waiting.

"About an hour," he says.

"What time was your appointment," you ask.

"10:30,” he confirms.

"Mine too," the guy next to him chimes in.

"Me too," blurts out the guy you thought was dead -- just sleeping, it turns out -- next to you.

Suddenly it dawns on you. Everyone in that waiting room has the same exact appointment. Yet they dutifully wait -- I can only assume -- because this must be the only doctor on the planet.

But I realize something... this is not the only doctor on the planet, and he is being rude. Other doctors tell me doctors get busy. Doctors get surprise patients. Sick patients. I lose patience with this patient argument.

I ask the receptionist what the problem is. She shrugs. “He's busy, I guess.”

"And we're not," I ask.

Would it kill that doctor to tell his snippy receptionist, "Please tell those waiting out there that I’m running late and apologize for me."

None of that. No time for that. But plenty of time to keep patients stewing, and sick people wondering, “Will I die waiting to see my doctor?”

I wish I could tell you how it worked out, but I left. I don’t know what the other patients did. I fear that the guy next to me never got out of there... alive.

I'll tell you this. I have a show at 4 p.m. ET. Dumb me, but I show up at 4 p.m. ET!

So doc, I know you're saving lives, but save us the song and dance. You might make a lot of dollars and cents, but for my money, you haven't a damn bit of common sense.

So many fancy-schmancy degrees and not a one in humility.

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