Doctors Baffled as Girl Spontaneously Bleeds Without Being Cut, Scratched

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Doctors are struggling to explain why a young girl spontaneously bleeds through her pores without being cut or bruised, the Telegraph reported Tuesday.

Twinkle Dwivedi, 13, loses blood through her skin without explanation.

The teen, from India, has had to undergo numerous blood transfusions after losing blood from her eyes, nose, hairline, neck and the soles of her feet, according to the report.

Dwivedi's blood is watery and light in color, and doctors say attempts to thicken it have failed.

Doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi believe the teen may have a type 2 platelet disorder in which the blood is low in clotting particles.

But Dr. Drew Provan, a consultant hematologist with Barts Hospital in London, told the Telegraph the girl may have Type II von Willebrand disease.

Sufferers of Willebrand disease are missing a protein critical to the initial stages of blood clotting, according the Web site for the National Hemophilia Association. The glue-like protein interacts with platelets to form a plug to prevent the blood from free-flowing at the site of an injury. People with von Willebrand disease are unable to make the plug.

Provan suggests that Dwivedi see a coagulation specialist for the condition.

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