DNC Launches New Pre-Election Ad Campaign

Three new ads aimed at putting the Democratic Party on voters' radar began airing Monday, Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe said.

The ads focus on the state of the economy and corporate responsibility. They were to be rolled out in every state President Bush visits until Election Day.

"This election is about the economy, jobs and education," McAuliffe said, adding that Bush's economic policy group is responsible for "leading the economy into shambles" and is the "worst economic team since President Hoover."

Hoover's term spanned the worst of the Great Depression.

The ads will run several days before Bush arrives at each of his campaign destinations, and will continue to run throughout his stay and for several days after he leaves.

While McAuliffe did not cite the exact price of the ads, he said they cost several hundred thousand dollars to produce and distribute nationally.

In addition, the ads will be distributed to national candidates to be used as part of their individual campaigns.

Each ad is about 30 seconds long and is featured on the DNC Web site, www.democrats.org.

Fox News' Ayman Mohyeldin contributed to this report.