DJ Mariah? Singer May Spin Discs

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DJ Mariah? Singer May Spin Discs

Mariah Carey may be expanding her career horizons — she's thinking of becoming a radio host and disc jockey.

Carey is in talks with Infinity Broadcasting to have a show — most likely a weekly one — on the new Blink 102.7 in New York. This is the station previously and famously known as WNEW-FM, which Infinity relaunched last week to much excitement.

Mariah would pre-tape the shows, but would take questions from fans on the air. This would seem like a good outlet for the fan-sensitive star, who calls her followers "lambs" and issues them regular audio announcements on her web site.

Mariah would be the biggest star of all the celebrities Infinity's John Sykes and Andy Schuon have signed up to steer the new station. They already have Linda Lopez — J-Lo's sister — and Booker, both personalities from entertainment TV, and a real-life couple as well, to co-host their morning show.

But the station won't be able to have Lopez and Carey in the same studio at the same time. Carey will never forget how J-Lo stole music from Carey's Glitter project for her own album.

Mariah, by the way, has a hit singing with Busta Rhymes on his new single, "I Know What You Want."

Nicholson's 5-Year Plan Is Paying Off

It's not going to win anyone any Oscars, but Anger Management is a huge hit with its $43 million box office take this weekend.

For Jack Nicholson, this is apparently all part of the plan. His best friend, Harry Gittes, who also produced About Schmidt, says that Nicholson has had "five-year plans" going back to 1960 when the pair met.

"Jack always had these plans. And right now, with Schmidt and Anger Management, it seems like he's in the middle of one of those plans. The third movie in the plan will be the one he's shooting now with Diane Keaton. That's three comedies in a row."

Yes, originally Schmidt was considered a comedy, until it bummed out audiences. Then it became a drama.

Nicholson is not having such a good time in the press lately, though. A number of outlets have reported that he has yet another child, an eight-year-old daughter, in New York.

The girl's mother has taken to the papers in order to get some dough from Jack. The Oscar-winner already has a grown son and daughter, as well as two younger kids with Rebecca Broussard.

The strange thing about this newest revealed kid is that Nicholson hasn't immediately taken responsibility for her. He himself learned back in 1974 that the woman he called "Mom" was really his grandmother and that his "sister" was actually his mother.

McCartney, Beatles Will Profit From Universal Sale

If the sale of Universal Music Group goes from rumor to fact, expect the Beatles to be the biggest profit takers.

It turns out the Beatles have already sued one Universal suitor, Apple Computer, a couple of times over trademark infringement — and won. The Beatles named their record label Apple Records in 1968. They were not amused when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak named their computer company similarly in 1976.

In fact, the Beatles settled with Apple the first time they sued, in 1991, and pocketed $26 million. An agreement was drawn up stating that Apple could never have anything to do with the music business. In 1999, after Macintosh computers had long since been churning music out of their speakers, Jobs again had to fork over big bucks to Paul, George, Ringo and Yoko.

It's unclear whether the introduction of Apple's popular iPod portable MP3 player has instigated yet another complaint.

But if Apple does go ahead and buy Universal Music Group — home to MCA, Interscope, Motown, Geffen, DefJam, etc. — the Beatles will come swooping in for the kill.

Don't think they won't. Even though the Beatles disbanded in 1970 and fights among the principals are legendary, this gang is notorious for being litigious. No one takes advantage of anything owned by the Beatles in the way of intellectual property. Just ask anyone who's ever tried to license a Beatles recording. The answer is always "No."