Divers Search Canal for Signs of Missing Stacy Peterson

Law enforcement search teams searched the frozen waters of the Illinois Michigan canal with boats and divers on Wednesday for signs of missing mom Stacy Peterson.

Crews are using three boats to search the waterway in Lockport, Ill., for Peterson, according to a report by ABC 7 Chicago. Stacy was reported missing on Oct. 29 after failing to show up at a friend's house.

Drew Peterson, a former police sergeant, is a suspect in his wife's disappearance. He denies any involvement in her disappearance and claims that she left him for another man.

Illinois State Police notified Stacy Peterson's family about the canal search, Pam Bosco, a family spokeswoman, told FOXNews.com.

A sonar search led authorities to the area, Bosco said.

"There were things there, and they wanted to investigate," Bosco said, adding that she didn't know of anything specific that led authorities to the canal.

A winter storm plowing Chicago with snow and winds is making the search difficult. Search teams previously looked for any signs of Stacy in waterways near her home before the waters began to freeze over.

"This weather is hindering us in many ways," Bosco said. "We don't want to give up."

A tow truck and law enforcement vehicles were parked near the canal with a crane from a truck dragging the water for objects.

Illinois State Police confirmed that it is the lead agency in search efforts, but would not comment on the canal search. "Our missing person investigation is ongoing," Illinois State Police Sgt. Luis Gutierrez told FOXNews.com.

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Stacy Peterson's family recently asked Drew to take a lie-detector test about his knowledge of a blue barrel or container reported missing from his garage.

Illinois State Police recently identified a family member of Drew who may have helped him move a large container from his bedroom to his vehicle the day after Stacy disappeared.

Joel Brodsky, Drew Peterson's attorney, denies any container is missing from the home.

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