Dita Von Teese Upset That President Kennedy Visited All-Nude Strip Club But French President Is Prohibited | Exclusive: George Lucas Boosting Cuba’s Career | 'Idol' Contestant Plays Phone Tag With J-Lo | Paris Hilton Has a Girl Crush She’s Never Met Plus What Ever Happened to Her Jail Book?

Dita Von Teese Upset That President Kennedy Visited All-Nude Strip Club But French President Is Prohibited

Dita Von Teese is causing so many heart palpitations inside the Paris strip club "Crazy Horse" that she’s been invited back again for another string of sell-out shows at the end of the month. But the one person the burlesque beauty would love to come and see her take it all off isn’t allowed. …

"The Crazy Horse is so historical and sophisticated, it really gets me thinking about how times have changed - there [are] hundreds and hundreds of names on the wall of people who have been there. John F. Kennedy was there while he was in Office, I mean this is an all-nude cabaret," Teese told Tarts at a recent party. "What U.S. President now could walk into that? It is a strange time. I just met the First Lady and the President of France and they wished they could come to my show but can’t while they have this job. It’s such a shame, there was once a different time when stripping and burlesque wasn’t considered scandalous."

Speaking of scandal, it seems Teese has come out of her 2007 divorce with rocker Marilyn Manson relatively unscathed and is very much enjoying the (many) men that she is now surrounded by.

"I still believe in good old-fashioned sexual chemistry, nothing beats that," she added. "I have men in my life that have great wit and I love to talk too and then plenty of others I just … like looking at."

So for those who wouldn’t mind learning the sexy secrets of one of the world’s highest-paid glam girls (in Europe she reportedly earns around $160,000 a night), sit tight.

"I’m working on my next book," said Teese, whose first publication "Burlesque and the Art of Teese" became an international best-seller. "It’s a "How-To" step-by-step guide, I don’t use a stylist or hair and makeup people so I’m writing a book about how I do it and the rules of glamour, and how to break the rules. It’s probably more the anti-rule book of beauty."

Exclusive: George Lucas Boosting Cuba’s Career

The talk of Tinseltown movie fanatics over recent weeks has been all about George Lucas’s first non Star Wars/Indiana Jones film in fifteen years Red Tails. The action adventure flick will encapsulate story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American pilots to fly in a combat squadron during the second World War.

While casting has not yet been officially announced, well-placed industry insiders confirmed to Tarts that Lucas intends to boost the career of Cuba Gooding Jr. as he has just signed him on the play a lead role.

"This will put Cuba ... on top," said our insider, adding that Lucas’s people are holding off formally announcing Cuba’s role until the entire cast is assembled. Diana Ross’s son Evan and Grammy-Award winning artist Ne-Yo have also been slated for roles in the film.

'Idol' Contestant Plays Phone Tag With J-Lo

Jorge Nunez was certainly pretty pumped on Thursday night when we partied with him and the other Top 12 contestants at the Official American Idol bash following the big announcement. But it seems the 20-year-old aspiring pop prince had another reason to be smiling. ...

"It's so strange, I just got a text message from Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez," he said. "They said my performance moved them to tears. I can't believe they're texting me. I hear Puerto Rico is going crazy right now."

Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi were the only judges to make an appearance at the soulful soiree. Given the controversial week of lash outs (Abdul reportedly told OK! that a fourth judge "doesn't work", DioGuardi then hit back with how "hurt" she was and then Abdul said her words were misconstrued) it is no surprise that we didn't really see the ladies livin' it up together. ...

Paris Hilton Has a Girl Crush She’s Never Met Plus What Ever Happened To Her Jail Book?

It’s hard to believe that there is actually a celebrity out there that Paris Hilton hasn’t met yet, but it turns out that the hotel hottie is still waiting to feast her eyes on her Australian girl crush.

"I’m so inspired by Kylie Minogue, I love her and I love her music so I wanted to do a dance album," Paris recently told Tarts. "Unfortunately I haven’t met her in person but I love her, I think she’s so hot."

Since breaking up with beau Benji Madden last year, Paris made a sudden resurgence on the Hollywood social scene and has become super-pap popular again. But nothing can compare to the chaos she created after her stint behind bars last year when she vowed she’d stop going out and even voiced plans to release a book she wrote while in jail. So what ever happened to that uber-hyped memoir?

"The book is not planned," a rep for Hilton told Tarts. (Although a source close to the heiress said nothing was ever written.)

But words or no words, Hilton is no longer a bad girl - just take her word for it.

"I’ve grown up a lot, I’ve been thru a lot this past year and really grown-up and become an adult," Paris added. "I was living like a teenager and living carelessly for a long time but I’ve realized I’m now running a huge corporation and empire."

Empire aside, the 28-year-old is still making her feelings for her new man, Doug Reinhardt, very clear. Pop Tarts spies spotted Hilton at West Hollywood’s Hyde Lounge last Sunday evening "straddling" her new beau and apparently hitching up her skirt err, inappropriately. The couple again put on their usual PDA at Hollywood hotspot MyHouse on Wednesday night (even in front of Doug’s former flame Amanda Bynes) after attending Whitney Port’s birthday dinner.

Speaking of Port, The City sweetheart put rumors of a rocky relationship with "Tamarama" singer Jay Lyon to rest as the two canoodled at El Compadre Mexican Restaurant for the group party before heading out. On Tuesday they enjoyed a romantic dinner just-for-two at STK Los Angeles.