Some of Blade Hannon's neighbors in Medford, Ore., are feeling downright Grinchy about his front lawn display.

It features Santa Claus skewering the Grinch on a rotisserie. The gruesome holiday spectacle also includes a few reindeer and a happy snowman a safe distance from the fake fire.

"There have been so many people stopping here that it's blocking traffic," said Hannon, the 52-year-old owner of a garage-door installation company. "Usually, they ask when is the Grinch going to be done, or tell me not to overcook him."

Displaying a cooked Grinch on a stick is a shtick that some critics consider a bit overdone.

Linda Osborne, who lives a few blocks away, says the roasted doll is too R-rated for an outdoor light display.

"I'm no Martha Stewart," Osborne said Monday. "I used to be the person with Tammy Faye Bakker pumpkins. But this thing is just gruesome."

Hannon bought the Grinch doll, the Santa and the fire pot and took the rotisserie off the family grill. Some white and blue light strings and several extension cords later, Medford had something to talk about.

"I like it," said Tom Pierce, who stopped recently for a closer look. "The guy who did it must be a sick puppy."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.