Disabled Teen Reportedly Sexually Abused in New York City Hospital Emergency Room Bathroom

Videos reportedly contradict workers who said they frequently checked on a disabled teenager in a hospital waiting room.

The Daily News says the mentally retarded 18-year-old was sexually abused in November 2008 in an emergency room bathroom.

In June 2008, another Kings County Hospital psychiatric patient, Esmin Green, languished for nearly 24 hours before dying. The case largely remained unnoticed until security footage became public.

In the teen's case, logbook entries showed workers checked every 15 minutes. According to the paper, the videos showed he wasn't where they had claimed, and was not being checked on.

The Health and Hospitals Corp. says it's made improvements, including revised policy that ensures developmentally challenged patients get one-on-one care.


Information from: Daily News, http://www.nydailynews.com