Die Another Day, Law & Order and American Idol

Pierce Brosnan tells Esquire magazine that he cracked a joke before filming a sex scene with Halle Berry in Die Another Day -- and Berry started choking on a piece of fruit she was eating.

Mr. Bond says he started banging on her back, but that didn't work. He says he was about to put his arms around her to do the Heimlich maneuver, but he felt weird about it because they were both naked. That's right, it was a nude scene. Luckily, Brosnan says Berry ended up spitting out the fruit herself. Look for that on ebay.

Isn't it Law & Order that rips stuff from yesterday's newspaper? If so, they're going to have to hurry. Hollywood wants that woman who was executed in Florida to be played in a movie by Charlize Theron. The Hollywood Reporter says the independent film will be called Monster. That didn't take long. I guess the rights were harder to get while she was still alive.

Finally, the search for the next Kelly Clarkson begins in two weeks? Didn't anyone read the reviews for her album? We want another American Idol? If we do, what do you bet someone much edgier gets the nod this time. Oh, and speaking of the bland leading the bland, Justin Guarini signed a contract with RCA.